Abandoned military base, Belgium

Saturday 5 July 2014

Last month I travelled outside the country for the first time in a couple of years, on a trip with my boyfriend to have an explore of abandoned buildings in Belgium and France. His friend Dipan joined us, driving from London to Folkstone, catching the Eurotunnel from there to Calais, then driving on through the night into Belgium. The first night we didn't sleep at all, saving money on a hotel and getting to our first location for sunrise (I might have had a few naps in the car though - one of the few perks of being unable to drive). 

Some people said this building was a prison, but aside from the prison-like block we found, the buildings were too spacious and the windows too large; it had X-rays and medical files in some rooms but too little equipment to be a hospital; it seemed too grand to be a hospital. It was quite empty asides from a few files, and stripped in lots of places, so the opportunities for shots were a little minimised, but it was great start to the trip to ease me into shooting in environments I've had no previous experience of. It's amazing exploring places lie this and seeing what has ended up in ruins, and what's been left behind. We were running a little late, so I didn't have enough time to have a look at the medical images and X-rays - but the rest of the locations were worth getting to. I loved the way the paint cracked and showed old paint colours, wallpaper peeling off in huge swathes to reveal yet more underneath.


  1. Beautiful. And haunting! Would have been really oddly personal if you'd have managed to get a snap of the x-rays...

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