Tilda Swinton by Tim Walker, for W Magazine

Thursday 12 June 2014

A little hiatus there - after a manic few weeks of sporadic writing, procrastinating with Game of Thrones, and periods of intense anxiety, I've finally finished my undergraduate degree -much to my relief! Come July I will officially have graduated with a BA in English Literature. Here's to a more productive, creative summer after three years of artistic drought. I came across this shoot a little while ago on Tumblr and fell in love. These images were created for the May 2013 issue of W Magazine, in a spread entitled Stranger than Paradise. I'm a huge fan of Tilda Swinton; beautiful androgyny, a great sense of style and some out-of-this-world acting. I always find it interesting that even under the intense gaze of Hollywood and the media, she's cultivated a look which very definitely doesn't conform to the feminine ideal but seems secure in it (from what we can gather, anyway). Add beautiful, strange clothes, amazing places and stick the infamous Tim Walker behind the camera, and you're bound to get some incredible results. Each of the shots is so different, but they work together somehow - not just a shoot to show clothes, these images really create a sense of character, a story behind them, and Swinton is so much more than something for the clothes to sit on. These are the kind of settings I'd like to photograph people in - dramatic, disorientating, bizarre. Even the little additions like the illustrated typeface for the quotes taken from the article fit perfectly.

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