Southbank Festival of Love

Monday 28 July 2014

A little while back, Ainsley and I ventured to the Southbank Centre for her day off. The Festival of Love is on throughout the summer, with installations running constantly, and special events on different weekends celebrating the seven different kinds of love: storge, family love; pragma, love which endures; philia, shared experience; philautia, self-respect; eros, romantic and erotic love; ludus, flirting and playful affection; and agape, the love of humanity. We had a little wander around the centre, and as usual I took lots of photos of Ainsley. Each of the types of love have their own dedicated weekend of events, and I'm hoping to get down to most of the weeks, particularly the next one - pragma, on August 2nd & 3rd - which features work from young carers. Whilst we were there, we also visited the Museum of Broken Relationships, which was simultaneously fascinating, sad and funny.  There's a lot going on over the next few weeks - it's definitely worth a look!

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  1. this looks like such a good time! i love the idea of the love festival!