Medicine Now, Wellcome Collection

Sunday 13 October 2013

University brought me back down to earth with a bump, and a dose of fresher's flu that's lasted nearly three weeks now. I'm hoping it's now finally leaving me, so I can get back to CUB Magazine, CreateVoice at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and of course my university work. I've been greatly missing the museum, and popping into the others along the way.

I made my first visit to the Wellcome Collection last month (though I'm not sure why it was only my first!) and despite only one of the galleries being open, I loved the stuff they had on show - and it was great to photograph. The 'Medicine Now' gallery features artists that produce work related to science, which having studied both Arts and sciences I love to see. My favourite piece was probably Annie Cattrell's piece entitled 'Sense' - beautiful, abstract amber-coloured resin casts within clear resin cubes. The castings are in fact three dimensional rapid-prototype renderings of magnetic resonance imaging scans of a human subject's brain responding to stimulation of each of the five senses. Having worked with (and watched others worked with) resin similar to this, I can vouch for the process being a tough one to get right!

I also loved William Cobbing's 'Palindrome' (last image), which was apparently inspired by J.G. Ballard's collection of experimental 'condensed novels' The Atrocity Exhibition. In the story, a character imagines that 'the bones of the pelvis may constitute the remains of a lost sacral skull', implying that our ancestors might have some kind of palindromic structure to their skeletons. (Incidentally, The Atrocity Exhibition is stated as a big influence on We Are the Romans, an album by great metalcore/mathcore band Botch).

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