CUB Magazine street style, freshers edition

Thursday 19 September 2013

Walking round campus yesterday, the reality that I'm in my final year of university finally hit me. I crawled out of the IT lab on Tuesday night - a week before term even starts, get me - after working on sourcing for CUB Magazine, the university's student-run arts and culture mag, and bumped into a group of freshers on their way out for the evening. The contrast between the girls in the group & myself was stark! Part of me misses the madness of freshers, but another part of me knows I probably couldn't handle it any more. It was just as well I laid off the drinking this week, because the 'successful' start to my final year seems to be a little further off than I planned - student finance troubles (as ever), trying to switch modules, dissertation panic and an unfortunate visit to the hospital this morning have got in my way so far. However, I was discharged from hospital pretty quickly and am hopefully back on the mend - and just in time to finish off editing the few street style photographs I took of students at the Freshers' Fayre at university yesterday and prepare for the tour of London Design Festival and workshop for the public I'll (hopefully) be doing tomorrow at the Victoria & Albert Museum. My new flat should have internet in the next week or so, and there's a lot to update... in the mean time, a couple of photographs from the Fayre - my favourite four shots, two boys and two girls, all first years and considerably more well dressed than I ever was! The full lot of photographs will soon be up on the website, but there's already a ton of stuff on there including our reports from London Fashion week (and some of my photographs!)

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