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Sunday 8 September 2013

A few pictures I took in my grandfather's garden whilst visiting family in Scotland. It's not often sunny when we're there (despite it being summer) but we had a few hours of sunshine and I rushed out to use his always-amazing flowers as a backdrop. Apparently Jersey does the best flowers, so he buys them from there every year to raise, despite the recent increase in prices. My grandad has kept a note of the weather & daily life for over a decade now, so has his own little note of how the weather has been changing as climate change begins to really affect us - he's noticed (as I have) that the bees seem to be getting much smaller each year. I'm a little less frightened of them now, but I'm not sure what it says for the environment. I'm now back in London in my new flat, alongside my best girl from first year, Ainsley, and three very lovely boys. We don't have internet for a little while yet, so I've been neglecting my photo blogs, much to my disappointment. Lots to go up when I'm finally back on unlimited, though, so stay tuned! Here's hoping my final year of university will be a productive and successful one. We'll see...

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