The Road from Karakol, Kyle Dempster

Monday 14 October 2013

I watched this film today, and it's given me an incredible urge to go and have a 'proper' adventure once I finish university. Kyle Dempster (an athlete for Outdoor Research, an outdoor gear company) took a bike, a couple of maps and a trailer full of climbing gear, and set off alone on a two month solo exploration of Kyrgyzstan with only his camera for company. The blurb on Vimeo states that the footage was originally intended for a four-minute climbing film - but filmmakers Fitz Cahall and Austin Siadak of Duct Tape Then Beer thought there was much more potential, and created the above twenty-five minute film. It's one of the latest Staff Picks on Vimeo, and also took home the 'Best in Fest' at the 5Point Film Festival where it debuted. I'm currently beginning to decide on my future options once I graduate in about eight months time - travelling is one of them. Watching films like this make me want to look far beyond the classic post-student travel locations like the central European cities (as much as I loved Paris & Berlin), and more into the 'wild'. Guess I'd better start saving...

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