Saturday 27 April 2013

'Sensational Butterflies' opened at the Natural History Museum right at the end of March and it wasn't long before I dragged my friend to it with me. I love photographing flowers and insects so the exhibit (which has been running a couple of years now) is perfect for me to practice. For some reason my Nikon had much more of an issue with steaming up in the humid environment than my Pentax, but it improved quite a lot and so I got to test out my macro filters on some live subjects for a change. The filters do give some distortion, as would be expected, but I'm quite pleased with the results. There weren't huge numbers of butterflies, presumably as it was so early in the exhibition's run, but I did shoot a little video of the chrysalids in the butterfly 'nursery' wiggling as they transformed, which was lovely to see. If you spend a while looking through the foliage to some less obvious places, you sometimes even get to see chrysalids laid by butterflies in the house hatch into butterflies, which is a really interesting experience.

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