Wednesday 24 April 2013

asymmetric zip jacket (sold out) | panel dress (sold out) | leather panel jeans | gathered open back dress | structured shorts | draped dress
relaxed fit shorts | strip panel tee (sold out) | semi sheer dress | maxi dress (sold out) | structured minidress (sold out) | two tone jeans

I recently discovered & Other Stories through my good friend Rachel, who recommended it after a plea of mine for more monochrome and minimalist style clothing. They're H&M's luxury brand, and sister brand to COS, both of which I love. & Other Stories is probably one of my new favourite brands as their aesthetic is very much my style, and though they're currently a little out of my price range, their stock is the kind of thing that I'd save for. I'm hoping I'll be successful in getting a full time job this summer (I'll need to if I want to keep up with London rent!) and perhaps an item or two will slip into my shopping basket... the structured grey shorts, two tone jeans and draped dress particularly caught my eye. I tend to stick to mainly black, white and grey in terms of my wardrobe - some coloured items that I love get worn, but even then they tend to be on the neutral spectrum or dark colours.

I don't follow many fashion blogs religiously as I tend to get bored of seeing the same 'trends' featuring on many blogs, but whenever I need a blast of something interesting I always head over to Ivania Carpio's blog, Love Aesthetics. Her style is not necessarily exactly similar to mine, but I truly appreciate her minimal aesthetic and her dedication to it. A friend of mine described her style as 'intelligent', which I think is probably the most appropriate word I can think of. Ivania recently curated the Show Studio tumblr, a pretty big occasion seeing as Show Studio is run by the amazing photographer Nick Knight. Previous curators of the tumblr include Knight himself and Liberty Ross, amongst other very talented artists. Ivania's minimal posts faded over the week from black to white, something which is particularly well appreciated in the tumblr archive (a screenshot of which is the first image in this post).

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