Tuesday 26 February 2013

Dark: Linger, Leeches, Sacred Spill
Even Darker: A Decisive Moment, Skullgarden, Wretched
Winter: Longer Days, Day 2,259, In The Pines

More photos from Aaron Hobson (the Cinemascapist) as promised in my last post on his Google Streetview cinemascapes. These are my favourite images from his series of cinemascapes, 'Dark', 'Even Darker' and 'Winter'. Hobson takes several images and then seamlessly stitches them to create panoramic images. He describes in his statement about the project how this creates a deliberate 'barrelling' effect, causing a dreamlike effect to the image. I love that the different areas of focus are so carefully chosen, with figures obscured or revealed in focus in unexpected parts of the image. The images in the series are based on  Hobson's childhood experiences and are so cinematic and visually exciting that I just wish they were actually stills from a film I could watch - but we build our own stories here. The shots actually remind me a little stylistically of the screenshots I took from Antichrist, one of my favourite films - and that's never going to be a bad thing in my book. If you follow Hobson on Twitter, you can get more links to his work, as not all of the links are immediately visible on his website. Well worth doing in my opinion!

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