Thursday 17 January 2013

Images from a visit to Brighton's Booth Museum of Natural History, which I visited last week to do some photography for my lovely friend Abi's dissertation. The Booth Museum has a hugely extensive collection of taxidermy birds, collected by Edward Booth who founded the museum after his wife got a little fed up of his growing obsession. The museum's modes of display remain very much in the Victorian diorama style, showing birds in their natural habitats and displaying typical behaviours - very interesting, though a little sad looking at all the chicks that Booth killed for his displays! As Abi has been working on her research at the museum, we nipped into the office and archives which was amazingly interesting - photographing Booth's original journals was a great experience (I've got a few more pictures to put up after this post, so stay tuned for a couple of classic animals-in-jars shots and some beautiful handwriting...)

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