Thursday 3 January 2013

Paintings by French Surrealist painter, Felix Labisse. I've always been a huge fan of surrealism, mainly for its strangeness, and I've had a poster on my wall of 'Narcissus' by Salvador Dali all year. Labisse is a relatively new discovery for me (despite studying a bit of Art History in my Foundation year, it had to be basic as it was such a short course!) and I've decided I'm going to make an effort to research a bit more into art movements and brush up - just in case I do end up doing my Art History MA at some point.

Things have been quite hectic in this household, with our first Christmas in the new house, my first Christmas at university not in halls, a dramatically drunken New Years and around ten thousand words to write, plus a lot of planning for the next few months for CreateVoice at the Victoria and Albert Museum (we have a seriously busy year coming up). I'm hoping that 2013 is the year that multiple things get sorted out, I finally get on with things I've always wanted to do and things which I might not necessarily want to do but are good experiences (somehow got involved in a charity skydive, which being scared of flying and not liking heights, is going to be a test!) In the mean time, I'm going to be carrying on as usual on here, and hopefully starting up my 365 project again, plus revamping my website, and maybe even trying to find a job once I'm a bit less ill. I hope everyone's had a great holiday, and here's to the new year!

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