Sunday 2 September 2012

These beautiful light sculptures are by artist Kevin Champeny. The first, 'Fire Lamp' is made of over three hundred soft-cast bullets, lit from within to create the lamp's fiery, violent-looking glow. The second, the companion 'Ice Lamp' is made from over five hundred soft-cast shards of glass. I absolutely love how the cast pieces look hard, as if they could cut you like the broken glass on the top of a wall to stop intruders - but if you reached out to touch it, it'd be flexible and soft to the touch; in fact, harmless. It's an interesting juxtaposition of harmful and benevolent materials, but put together to create a functional piece of design work. Champeny is also known for his massive mosaics made out of atypical materials - my favourite piece of his mosaic work is probably 'What Remains' - a five foot by four foot skull created from over thirty five thousand hand-cast urethane flowers of hundreds of different designs and colours in order to create form and colour gradient in the piece.

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