Friday 31 August 2012

Yesterday I took an unexpected trip to the Paralympics. I had been a little disappointed that I wasn't going to experience any of the Olympic or Paralympic madness - despite my university being situated in the heart of the action, my housing didn't work out as I had planned and so I've ended up still at 'home' whilst waiting to find somewhere. On my birthday on Tuesday I found that as tickets were a lot cheaper than we expected, we had tickets to the Paralympic Dressage to watch Lee Pearson (one of the most talented Paralympic riders Great Britain has seen) perform with his horse Gentleman in the 1B category. It was a horrendous day for the weather, seeing us half drowned in our seats, a broken umbrella dripping down our backs and my knees seizing with cold, but it was such a fantastic day and Lee scored top in the category, to the audience's delight! I took both my mum's Nikon D3000 and my little Pentax K100D, having the 18-200mm lens on the Nikon for photographing the dressage and the 50mm lens on the Pentax for some behind the scenes moments, which I'm sharing here - a little view of our journey and the day at the Paralympics. I absolutely love the Paralympics, and I must admit that hearing some of the athletes' stories and watching their beautiful performances made me quite emotional at times!

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