Tuesday 4 September 2012

A few pictures from my evening in London for the August CreateVoice meeting. I spent the afternoon sitting in the gardens by the fountain, trying to take photographs of the fountain without being splashed by some very over excited children (most of whom saw the water and immediately jumped in despite the protestations of their travel-weary tourist parents! The little boy in the first photograph was repeatedly told off for getting in my way but to be honest, this photograph was a happy accident. I also had a look at the new Tony Cragg sculptures which have recently taken their place in the sculpture gallery, and which I'll soon be posting about on the CreateVoice blog!

These are also the last few pictures I'll be taking on my beloved Pentax K100D Super (these were taken with my manual 50mm lens) - because a couple of days ago I spent my birthday camera fund (with a little extra help from my dad in an Amsterdam Duty Free!) on my new baby, a Nikon D7000! I'm still keeping my old camera as a spare, because it's so old it's not worth anything at resale and it's probably too temperamental for anyone to use without knowing its quirks like I do. It's also very useful to take to places where it gets bashed about because it's fairly good at taking a hit now - for example I can take it to gigs, festivals or nights out that I'm not actively working but still want better quality photographs than my phone. No disrespect to my little Pentax but I can already see the difference in quality! I'm very excited to move back to London with my new camera in tow, and hopefully once I get a job I'll be kitting it out with all the bits and pieces on my camera wishlist


  1. love your pics, and if it wasn't for the fact it's a Nikon I'd be jealous right now :) I'm a cat person. I mean a Canon person ;)

    1. Ha, I didn't mind between Canon or Nikon - I believe it's the lens mainly! And because my mum has some very beautiful lenses, getting a Nikon means I can use hers!