Tuesday 17 July 2012

The other day at the yard my mum found the body of this tiny little long-eared bat. She's working on bat surveys for a wildlife association and so she brought it over to show me. I've only seen them from far away before, so I took the opportunity to use my mum's Nikon D300s and macro lens to snap some pictures outside before the sun went down, as my camera battery was dead. I love using a macro lens, and I can't wait to upgrade my equipment so I can take one out everywhere with me!


  1. Replies
    1. I loved having the chance to photograph it, but it's so sad it had to be dead for me to do that!

  2. These are so haunting & beautiful! I love bats, I think most people would probably find that weird, but they are such amazing creatures! The super close up shots are really cool, as it's hard to work out what it is to begin with, I love that kind of abstractness.

    1. I love bats too, my mum does too and went to courses on bat rescue and types etc, she was very sad to find this little fella. Thank you, you're so kind!