Saturday 21 July 2012

Earlier this month, some of the V&A's CreateVoice members and I headed down to the Great Western Studios to attend the open day and have a look round the studios. They're truly an amazing space, with a real community feeling around the building. We saw some brilliant artists working in many different areas; graphic design, architecture, illustration, painting, ceramics and textile and print design, among others. I'm planning posts on some of the artists individually, because there's no way I could do all of their work justice. The first image is a bespoke plant pot made by Martha Freud, a designer creating beautiful ceramic pieces, often using imagery of butterflies and leaves. The second is one of the few studios not open on the day, a little snapshot of work in progress. The third is an amazing light structure which was on display in the main walkway of the studios, made of film reels, all specially taken so that multiple exposures follow onto a closeup of an eyeball, then an exposure of neon following, as if the eyeball was shooting a laser. The timing and thought that must have gone into this bowled me over! All in another day's work at Great Western Studios I suppose!

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