Friday 6 July 2012

Patrick Wolf | Subgiant | singer in King Charles' band | King Charles | the beautiful Aristazabal Hawkes of Guillemots | one of my favourite artists, Lucy Rose

These are a very small selection of my favourite photographs from Blissfields, which I was lucky enough to be sent to by my university magazine to cover. It was absolutely amazing getting to shoot from the photographers' pit, standing in front of some amazing artists and alongside photographers who shoot for major publications such as the Guardian. My poor little cameras looked a little out of place among some enviable equipment (how I'd love a Canon 5D Mark IV). Truly an incredible experience! I came home with over 2000 images, so I had to be fairly ruthless cutting down. I managed to grab an interview with the lovely Luke Ferre, as well as having a chat with bassist of The Mini Band, who played an awesome set - hard to believe they're only nine to eleven years old. I've got a little post planned on them soon, plus some of the more general photos from the festival. Blissfields was so much fun, a really great little festival with a big atmosphere and big name artists, and I'd highly recommend it, especially at such a bargain price. See you next year, Blissfields!

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