Tuesday 3 July 2012

A few of my favourite images from my 365 project this year

Yesterday I finished my 365 project, which I'm feeling pretty proud of. It might not be a career goal, my degree or anything massive, but knowing that I put the effort into completing something that I'd set out on makes me feel a little more confident in my ability to stick with something! Despite it sometimes feeling a little like a chore, and feeling obligated to get my camera out on days where I didn't particularly want to do anything at all, I've really enjoyed the project. It's encouraged me to do more with my photography and engage with my surroundings far more than I did previously, and made me be a bit more inventive. The year that my project covers has probably been one of the most turbulent in my (admittedly fairly short) existence - leaving my life behind to move to university, missing my old friends, loving my new friends, heartbreak, illness, parents divorcing, happiness, sadness, two major moves, new experiences, returning to old ones. Sometimes I wish I'd been less scared of the whole 'public on the internet' thing and given more detail in my description, so that I had more of a journal of this year's ups and downs.

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  1. congratulations... I've been thinking about doing something similar for ages. and you got me thinking about it again.... thanks!