Monday 18 June 2012

Some shots from my first day at home for summer vacation.

I've been up in Nottingham for a while visiting my boyfriend, hence the drastic reduction in my number of posts! Everything seems to come all at once these days, and unfortunately everything happening at once leads to stress, which exacerbates my illness and stops me being able to do everything I want to do. 

However I've had a few days to de-stress after exams, results and moving home before getting stuck into my new occupations fully: After my interview a week ago, I got the amazing news that I'm now (co) Photography Editor for my university's magazine, along with my friend and intern-extraordinaire Eleanor Doughty and there are some amazing plans set for this year. I'm also Head of Design for the Literature Society. On top of this I'm acting as an officer and photographer for the university's 'Raise and Give' fundraising program (which you can go follow on twitter here), where we're hopefully going to raise a good amount of money for local London charities. All this plus whatever job I get, my online stuff (stupid PayPal) and moving house twice, it's going to be one busy summer! 
Hopefully you're all getting stuck into your summers, despite the weather!

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