Saturday 23 June 2012

I'm currently finishing up a project that I started about a year ago but hadn't got round to completing - a photographic journal of my childhood home. I took some photographs of my house for a unit of my A-Level Art as a small study of the tiny and seemingly inconsequential objects and parts of a house that make it 'work' as a home unique to my family (I did this alongside studies of the tiny parts that make machines work, like watches and cameras). When my mother saw the pictures she was thrilled at having her house caught on film and asked me to continue - and then when we realised we were going to have to move, the project became all the more important, especially as now the house is empty of all those objects that made it a home, really. I'm now going through years of photographs of us all in the house to have alongside the project, which I'm hoping to print as a book. It's sad seeing the house reduced back to bare walls, so it's nice having this as a memory of what it's really like.

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