Monday 11 June 2012

A couple of pictures experimenting with viewpoint outside of my standard flower pictures. I picked up a 50mm manual lens for my dSLR at the vintage fair at Old Spitalfields market, so I'm hoping to experiment a little more with that once I persuade my digital camera to take a non-digital lens without complaining too much. I'm absolutely desperate for a macro lens, but I'm going to wait til I upgrade to get that (and hopefully use my mum's in the mean time). I'm now home for the summer, so I'm getting started on summer projects for my roles this year and hopefully the backpacks will be up on the shop too. It felt very sad to pack up my university halls room - I've had so much fun and met so many great people this year, and it's sad to leave that part behind. However, I'm excited to start on the next stage of university life - moving in with five of my favourite girls and making our house a haven of horror movies (or less scary ones for some) and baking.


  1. great pics. i would kill for a macro lens too, but need to get a new camera body first. i wish that stuff was a little less expensive ;)

  2. I wish there was an easier way to talk to people on here too, i'm always scared the person won't see if i reply to their comment on my blog but i do agree, there is webstagram? where you view your account online but i cant say i've ever used it :/

    thanks for replying though :) give us a comment on instagram so i find you too :)
    aimee xx