Friday 13 January 2012

Sunset over Westminster; some kind of eel; the incredibly quick penguins; pretty reflections in the penguin pool; the very friendly sea turtle; an inquisitive fish; sea anemones; coral; a lion fish who refused to to be photographed face on; shoals in the shark tank.

More photos from London town. The aquarium is expensive, but so lovely. The fish are beautiful but they move so damn fast, and the low light means my camera tends to have slight issues with capturing them. So, I generally stick to photographing the vegetation. This is where I always wish I had a macro lens for my dSLR, but there's no point in spending money on a new lens when I'm saving for a new camera. Hopefully I'll get another trip once I've got some better equipment.


  1. I love sealife in London - so, so beautiful. I love your photographs xx

    1. Thankyou! Aquariums have always been near the top on my favourite places list. :)

  2. Eyes! Colour!