Fresher's flu & thrifting

Saturday 24 September 2011

Freshers flu has hit me and boy, it hits hard. Luckily I was already on antibiotics from an infection in my jaw due to my wisdom teeth (spent eight hours over two days hunting for doctors or dentists or anyone who could help me, thank you to the kind dentist who let me in even though I was number eleven and they only could take ten...). Look at the size of that yellow pill! It says 'swallow whole', which I tried to do, and then ended up alone and choking in my bathroom.

Last night we went to the Big Chill Bar, where they're holding the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange on Sunday, then after I went home (forgot my ID, clever clogs) everyone went on to 93 Feet East, and finally one of my favourite venues, Vice's the Old Blue Last, which inexplicably had a free bar.

Today I visited the East End Thrift Store, known as the last fair deal in vintage. It's ten minutes walk from my flat and today was it's 'jumble sale' - cheap items and 'fill-a-bag' style selling. I walked out with a suede blazer, a perfectly worn-in leather jacket (both a ridiculous £3) and a check colour-clash dress which I'll change the hem on for £15, which I'll maybe do an outfit post on - shock, horror, an outfit post?!
If anyone wants leather shorts, go here. Sod paying up to £120 in Topshop, East End had twenty odd pairs for about fifteen quid each, all different colours, leather finishes and styles.

My lovely flatmate Phil picked me up some cool flyers and posters when he went out to Fabric last night, which adds to my growing collection of graphics-based stuff (I'll post it soon because it's awesome) although most of them don't have the designer written on them which means I can't stalk them for new work! Never mind. I'll be back tomorrow with my first week in pictures.

Hope all the freshers out there are enjoying themselves (and everyone else of course!)
Special mention to Jamie and Bee, also doing English-related things at uni at the moment - clearly the best subject for cool people - and to my best friend IRL Ashley at Nottingham.

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  1. Awh feel better soon. The yellow pill does look a tad evil (I'm on a crazy amount of pills and none are as big as that!). East end sounds wonderful, fosho do an outfit post! x hivenn