'The Lullaby', by Joe Fenton

Wednesday 28 September 2011

This is a stunning new film made by artist Joe Fenton, entitled 'The Lullaby'. This is exactly the kind of work I like; big, detailed, structured and most importantly: symmetrical! Obviously I like lots of other things which aren't symmetrical at all as well... but something in illustrations like this is incredibly aesthetically pleasing. The fact that it's all done by hand makes their flawlessness even more incredible - even very close up you can barely see pencil or brush marks. He's definitely moved into my favourite artists list, though all I wish is that I could see more of his work!
It reminds me of some of the patterns I made for my Berlin project during my Foundation year (here) except mine are nowhere near as good or as interesting or as full of talent, but the symmetry value is there. It'd be interesting to see how non-computerised versions of these drawings with shading would look, so I might experiment with a few new designs on a more paper-based style rather than relying on Photoshop. It's made me really tempted to get back drawing again, I'd love to paper my walls with things like this. He also illustrates childrens books (see his website) and they look pretty scary to me! He's on twitter and facebook as well.
Also the music; by Julian Fenton and Cliff Charles, it fit completely perfectly with the film. I love this kind of ambient music that often gets overlooked by the film it accompanies (like how people generally barely notice film scores, but they can often be works of art in their own right even when separated from the film - for example Clint Mansell's score for Moon), but here neither is overshadowed.
In other news, I tried shooting my 'In my bag' post tonight but I decided to wait for the daylight instead to get some better shots. Posted tomorrow hopefully!

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