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Tuesday 20 September 2011

Last night was Freshers' night at Ministry of Sound, Elephant and Castle in London. Ultimately I liked the lights more than the music, but that might have had something to do with my sobriety at the time. My phone had a bit of a protest about taking pictures of them beside the smoke/odd blasting machine, hence the blurriness, but still... pretty. Next Tuesday we're venturing to Fabric, and I'm tempted to take my dSLR to get some shots of the lighting there. University is great, even though I'm currently too tired to think properly, let alone read Frankenstein, Robinson Crusoe, four Shakespeare plays and a book on Marx before next week. I'm also nearly permanently hungry for being too lazy to make proper food. Such is the life of a student! I'm due to see Much Ado About Nothing at the Globe on Saturday; nothing brings Shakespeare alive more than seeing it on stage, so I'm very excited in an English student way for this. Less excited to attempt to write a coherent essay or get through over six thousand pages of anthologies... Hope everyone is having a good week (what day is it?!) and are getting a little more sleep than me.


  1. I'm reading Robinson Crusoe and Frankenstein for my course right now too! I'm going to the globe soon to see Dr Faustus, let me know about Much Ado because it's one of my favourite Shakespeares

    Blogger lit freshers massiiiive x

  2. I'm surprised these were taken on your phone! They're lush. x hivenn