PERSONAL | Mesmerise

Thursday 4 August 2011

This took a crazily long time to upload because silly old me forgot that taking pictures on the Nikon results in hideously/awesomely massive photos and therefore even larger gifs. And also my laptop decided that uploading things without me is too hard, and so refuses to upload anything unless I am moving the mouse. Cue ten minutes of cramp-inducing scribbling on the track pad.

This is what I did today (technically yesterday) - walking round gardens, photographing my cousins on zipwires, smelling roses and taking an absolute ton of photographs of pleasantly mesmerising fountains (and persuading people that yes, there are supposed to be thirty nearly identical images on the camera card, no, you can't delete them.)


  1. It work and I love doing GIF photos I just learned how to do the ones where only the eyes move so cool!

  2. working for me, this is amazing! oh god, you should see some of my gif attempts #facepalm.

    ramz and the flock