Monday 8 August 2011

This will (hopefully) be a scheduled post for while I'm away. I'm off on a surfing jaunt to Cornwall. I say surfing, I mean barely standing up on a board in shallow water. Hopefully I'll pick up where I left off last year and be back doing it properly within no time - and this time with no head injuries to boot.

Meet my first 'proper' camera, a Pentax K100D Super Digital SLR. My brother has the K100D original however it barely gets used - sometimes I use it as a spare if I need to switch quickly between telephoto and wide-angle lenses.

I've had this camera for about five years, and it's been through/survived a lot: it once was entirely soaked with Monster energy drink and once had two live ants inside it on holiday. It has survived snowboarding, sand, every form of weather known to man, a hell of a lot of dust, being bashed, and I even used it whilst facing backwards on a horse, riding with no hands. And apart from a slightly sticky manual flash button, it's in tip top condition.

It was great for an amateur starting out - easy to work out, decent range of features and relatively good basic image quality for five years ago; and cheap in camera terms, because it eats AA batteries like I eat cake. Though this probably doesn't matter because nowadays it seems every other teenager is running around with a professional grade Canon...

I'm planning to upgrade to a refurbed mid-range Nikon at some point so I can make use of my mother's pretty lenses, but I'll definitely always keep this baby on hand for those days when I really don't feel like bothering with manual shooting, and I want something I can count on.


  1. MAJOR CAMERA CRUSH. it sounds amazing, can't wait to get my own!

    ramz and the flock

  2. Aw I love Pentax's! They feel so clunky & proper. I kind of wish I'd gone for that instead... I wouldn't switch to a Nixon though, they're so plasticy & everyone I know with a Nixon has had to have it repaired at least once. Canon all the way.

  3. PS Have fun in Cornwall!