Thursday 11 August 2011

Newest want from Lomography. These were on the shop a log time ago but sold out so quickly I never bought one. I paid a visit to the online shop to find the 'Festival Bundle' of cameras including the Diana Mini & Fisheye 2 (both of which I already have) as well as the 360 spinner (which I did a post on way back here) and... the Coloursplash. However I really liked the black rubberised Chakra Coloursplash, a special edition version of the original Coloursplash, designed by Staple Designs (note the trademark pigeon). I took these images from the microsite for the Chakra Coloursplash, which also advertises the book (which looks awesome). I think it would basically be really good fun to use, and uses 35mm film so you can get it developed anywhere.

Did I mention it's my birthday in three weeks?

More Coloursplash photos on Lomography here.

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