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Saturday 13 August 2011

Back from a mixed week in Cornwall. We turned up to the campsite in good time and lovely sunshine, started to put up the tent and got completely drenched in a random downpour. That stopped once we had the tent sorted, and restarted just as we stepped into the sea to surf. I managed not to sustain any major injuries, but as one of the brothers working at Sunset Surf said, I can never 'just go to the beach and have a little surf without something happening'.

The common denominator in accidents this year was my brother, who smacked me under the chin with his board (luckily we were only messing around with Swell boards) and wiped out my mother on her first outing into the sea on a board. I burnt my face to oblivion on the second day which of course, teamed with no make-up, squinting lines, and my hair in a kind of sea-matted single dreadlock, added to my attractiveness infinitely... I managed to get down to the Boardmasters in Newquay to snap a few pictures of the surfers doing it properly, but unfortunately the skateboarders weren't out til the next day. I'm hoping to practise my skate photography at some point when I go to university.

Anyway these are some photos from the journey home last night, I'm a little obsessed with the randomness of long exposure on the motorway at the moment.

Hope everyone had a good week whatever you were doing.

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