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Thursday 14 July 2011

'Between Two Worlds' by Alex Bohs
The stunning 'Splitscreen: A Love Story' by JW Griffiths. has done the rounds on many, many blogs already, but I love it so here it is anyway. The film was shot entirely on a Nokia N8 smartphone, and won the Nokia Shorts competition.

When I was looking through the comments section on the video, I also found the rather beautiful Alex Bohs, another filmmaker who has experimented with the splitscreen format in 'Half'. I also loved his short film 'Fish in the Sea' (and now have become obsessed with visiting an aquarium sometime soon. Need those jellyfish in my life, or at least on camera!) He makes beautifully shot, dreamy little films which are touching but very down-to-earth. What I thought was really great about this guy was in the comments section. Take a look at his Vimeo, every comment has a reply - not just a 'thanks' but something individual to their own comment. He's also made his own, very sweet, contribution to the wonderful 'It Gets Better' project and takes lovely photographs. Oh yeah, and he's only twenty, so I have a year to catch up and actually do something interesting.

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