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Monday 11 July 2011

I went on a walk with my best friend Harriet today. We're both pretty keen with our cameras and fancied a bit of nature, so we packed a picnic and drove to a little village near where we live, found a footpath and walked for a while. We survived a horsefly attack, got licked by cows, dodged horse poo, found a circular abandoned house, and I acquired some slates with perfect holes drilled through them (expect a future post on the picture frames I'm making out of them). A great Monday.

After being asked several times yesterday who I was 'with'/if I had a website/if I had business cards while photographing around the local carnival, today I also whipped up a quick website and ordered some business cards.

You can take a look at : www.wix.com/laura_blair/photography

EDIT: My new site is at laurablair.co.uk

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