Specimen collection at the Natural History Museum

Wednesday 20 July 2011

But here is the post I promised, more on things in jars, which are one of my favourite subjects to look at and take pictures of. These are all from the Natural History Museum, in a little section behind the new Darwin Centre and the Cocoon. I have a feeling that it's not a great draw for visitors and is quite low down on the display agenda, as it's kind of creepy and I can't imagine many parents carting their kids past the dinosaurs and on to see a horse foetus in a jar. However it's really interesting despite the relatively small amount of stuff on display (you can half see through the glass to the collection, which is extra frustrating). Apparently the Hunterian Museum run by the Royal College of Surgeons also has a great collection of things in jars... I'm so there.

Also if anyone is on Twitter, have a look at the Guardian Books debate about whether authors' most famous books deserve the most praise with the tag #famousforthewrongbook. So many great authors and some of their less well known books popping up on my feed tonight, it's brilliant!


  1. I absolutely adore your blog at the moment, keep up le good workkkkk

  2. I WAS DEVASTATED. These are beautiful anyway, beautifully weird. x hivenn