ORIGINAL | Light squares and bodies

Monday 16 May 2011

More photos from my trip to the Natural History Museum. I got this effect by using a lens that I bought whilst on my art school's trip to Berlin in December. The Guggenheim museum was a little unimpressiive, but the shop was amazing! There were some great art and fashion quarterly magazines which I picked up too. The lens is actually the same one that they had in the butterfly house so you could 'see how a butterfly sees', i.e. in very confusing facets (though I'm sure it makes sense to the butterfly...)

All images are made from the 'Earth's Treasury' collection in the Museum, apart from the first one, which was made from a sculpture of a giant fricking eight foot model of a baby in the womb, a little frightening but good for this kind of photography as there's lots of creepy little details to multiply (like little curled up hands).

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