48 hours in Rome

Saturday 8 February 2020

Taking trips with Ainsley is always fun. We're on the same page about what we want to see, how many times a day we should get ice cream (at least twice), and she's happy being in front of the camera whereas I like being behind it. Italy seems to be a winner for us; last time, we went to Bologna and had a perfect couple of days away from terrible British March weather. This time, Rome was our destination. Neither of us are particularly built for very hot weather, and our trip fell during the middle of the European heatwave, so it was a little stickier than planned, but two days of walking, eating and looking at beautiful things was well worth the sweat. We did all the Rome classics: the Vatican Museums (don't do what we did - buy tickets online, and visit off season), the Trevi Fountain (early morning would be best), the Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, the Roman Forum, the Sistine Chapel, walked along the river, and ate classic and veganised carbonara. It was glorious. Special mention for the Capuchin Crypt - photography isn't permitted, for obvious reasons, but it's a very interesting visit (the museum is great, too).

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