London Graphic Centre

Sunday 4 October 2015

A little less than two weeks ago, I attended my first 'blogger's event'. It wasn't something I ever thought I'd do, for several reasons. Most of these things seemed to be geared at fashion or lifestyle bloggers, and I am clearly neither. The 'community' of blogging isn't something I've ever been hugely involved in, simply because for a long time I found it quite tricky to even find people who wrote or posted about similar things to me. I was so pleased and surprised to end up meeting so many lovely people all writing about creative things in one place at this event - it was relaxed and informal (the couple of glasses of wine helped ease my social anxiety, so thank you London Graphic Centre for that, too) and I came away wishing there was more in terms of events for creative bloggers.

The London Graphic Centre is a well established art supply store, and their Covent Garden flagship has pretty much everything you can think of. Their idea is not just to supply creatives with the tools they need to work, but also to support young artists and art. The store is decorated with work made by staff members, and even the new tote bag we'd all come to see was designed by Alex Widdowson, who works in the flagship - his 'this is not a pencil' design riffs off Magritte's famous piece 'The Treachery of Images'. We were all pretty happy to get our own tote bags at the event, and even more so when we saw what was inside! It definitely topped off my evening of wine and colouring.

The store actually has a thousand more of these bags ready to give to students who go to the store on Student Day - this Tuesday, 6th October. Students also get 15% off in store and online, too. Now I've started studying again, I'll be heading over to make the most of it (someone's going to have to stop me buying washi tape in thirty colours...) 


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  1. *creepy voice* Ooooh look at those pens :D haha Great art direction grid-ing effort lady :) It was so lovely to meet you in real life and can't wait to hand out more often! x