Country Life

Wednesday 7 October 2015

Whenever I visit my mum, my days are filled with the squawks of chickens, naps with the dog, walks in fields and around beautiful old houses (the house in the picture is sadly not ours!), and the perfect amount of happy disorganisation. Rommy, our rescue dog, was supposed to be with us as a foster placement... but he's staying. It's amazing what an affectionate, happy dog he's become considering he was dumped in an open grave as a puppy and left to die, then spent over a year in a kennel. He's such a softy that he even gets terrorised by my mum's rescue chickens - who are admittedly hard as nails - they peck him when he's not looking so they can steal his food from under his nose. I always feel so refreshed after a few days out of the noisy chaos that is London; even though I love the city and everything it offers, it's nice to take some time out.

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  1. These are some gorgeous pictures! Never thought I'd really really admire a picture of a chicken :) Country sounds lovely with all that clean air! xxx

    Jesska - Opal Soul