Alaska: Earth's Frozen Kingdom

Wednesday 18 March 2015

This week I've been having a bit of a documentary binge. No matter the mood I'm in, I'll never turn down a nature documentary (especially if it's voiced by our national treasure, David Attenborough). Whilst this documentary sadly isn't narrated by Attenborough, it's nevertheless a fascinating watch delving into the seasons of Alaska. The camera work is impeccable, showing incredible landscapes and animals in their natural environment - and often their adjustment to human presence. Particularly funny in the Winter episode was the wild [fox] chase the team were led on around the town of Deadhorse, running after a tiny Arctic fox seemingly intent on making them work for their shots! Despite being a person who's not particularly great with the cold, this has me feeling like I could put up with the chill if I got to see some of the sights the documentary showed.

Only Winter and Spring are currently available on BBC iPlayer; I'll have to keep checking for Summer, because I'm not prepared to miss it. I thoroughly recommend giving the series a go.

Photographs via the BBC Alaska: Earth's Frozen Kingdom galleries

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