Afternoon at the Barbican Conservatory

Wednesday 7 May 2014

A few weeks back when it was still fairly chilly, I dragged my hungover self down to the Barbican Centre to meet one of my old school friends, Abi, for a catch up. The Barbican is a really beautiful area, even with its huge masses of concrete (that I'm usually not a massive fan of). Walking through the high rise walkway to the centre was a lovely experience; I was surprised to see the ancient architecture and little patches of ruins poking through the brutalist buildings, and loved the water features everywhere. The flats are really lovely looking in a very ugly way (and being such a fan of ugly-pretty shoes and unattractive yet cute animals I probably shouldn't be surprised at how much I liked them) and probably are very, very expensive now. I'd never actually been to the Barbican, despite living fairly close to it, so it was nice to have a closer look. The Centre itself is huge, and I'll have to go back for a proper explore at some point. This trip, though, was focused on a gentle wander round the Conservatory, have a look at the 'Momentum' exhibition in the Curve (post soon!), and (possibly most important) get some very tasty food in the cafe, which is much recommended!


  1. The flower photos are amazing, so beautiful! I work not too far from the Barbican but have only visited the gift shop (standard) x

  2. Beautiful photos :') I just love flower photography xx