Natural landscapes explored by Colin Delehanty

Thursday 17 April 2014

I couldn't resist posting a few of my favourite images from photographer Colin Delehanty, who was one of the team of two who put together Project Yosemite, which I posted about previously here. These are the kind of pictures which make me wish I was much braver, that's for sure! Heights aren't my strong point really, so I'm not sure how great an adventurer I'd be. I'm hoping one day I'll be more courageous, and then I'll go round the world swinging off rocks and taking photographs of it. In the mean time, I'll keep my feet on the ground and go visit places which I can look at from there. I'm in the Lake District this week, and whilst I won't be climbing anywhere (and I'll definitely be avoiding mountain biking after last year's sixteen-kilometre uphill nightmare), and I'll be hemmed in with critical theory books, I hope I might get to take some pretty pictures too.

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