Pat Perry's surreal drawings and 'Black Holes'

Friday 28 March 2014

I posted about Pat Perry a while back, when I came across him through time-lapse videos of his work. He produces work of such varying style and in varying mediums yet manages to keep his signature real-surreal mixture which makes his work so interesting and original. I'm hoping that there'll be a re-edition of his book, Drawings About Black Holes, which I saw announced on Twitter but then missed buying. I'm trying to fill my shelves with more art and illustration books, and this is firmly on my list. As well as being a dab hand with a pencil (as you can see above) and a stellar illustrator, he produces a ton of great street art and has an eye for photography on his travels. Most impressively to me - as someone who has tried (and so far) failed at being a decent painter - he's also a fantastic painter, pulling off beautiful portraits alongside his more unusual images combining people and places.

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