Street art by Etam Cru

Thursday 13 February 2014

'Moonshine', Richmond, VA, USA | 'Traphouse', Urban Forms Gallery, Lodz, Poland | 'Surprise', Sofia, Bulgaria | 'Removal', Like It Art, Kazan, Russia | 'Baloon', Urban Forms Gallery, Lodz, Poland | 'Praying Sinner', Katowice Street Art Festival, Poland

Etam Cru produce some of my all time favourite pieces of street art. This stuff is seriously incredible - the mix of styles, the modern surreal aspects, geometric and painterly aspects combined to make some crazy, offbeat paintings which I can't stop looking at - I'm desperate to get hold of prints. If I could actually paint, this is the kind of art that I'd be aspiring to make. The sheer skill of it all blows me away. The videos below make for awesome watching, too, and a good insight into the time and effort that goes into producing artwork like this (sketching lines with a huge roller from a cherry picker thirty foot in the air, anyone?). Street art on a new level.

1 | GALERIA URBAN FORMS | SAINER from Urban Forms Foundation
2 | GALERIA URBAN FORMS | BEZT from Urban Forms Foundation

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