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Monday 13 January 2014

Vom Verschwinden (How To Disappear) from Merlin Flügel on Vimeo.

DEAD... from Joe Bichard on Vimeo.

Cyclope from Marine Duchet on Vimeo.

Three little weird shorts from my liked list on Vimeo. I've been making a habit of watching these types of little films and it's making me desperate to get back into doing animation from the tiny bit that I did during my Foundation at art school. I did some basic rotoscoping and really enjoyed the process, and can't imagine the work that goes into shorts like these... but I've just found my basic digital drawing pad and I'm tempted to give some drawing and animation a go (though I should probably master writing my name first). I've got a few old designs from my year at art school that could do with some digital touch ups/reworkings as well, so it could prove interesting - once I've finished my essays for the semester, of course.

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