CUB Magazine personal style: Zennie

Sunday 24 November 2013

These are a few photographs I shot for the latest issue of CUB, Queen Mary University of London's student-run arts & culture magazine, where I work as a Photography Editor. Each issue we've been featuring a student and asking them a few questions about their wardrobes, their favourite pieces and their opinions on style. This is Zennie, a third year history student at QMUL. I loved Zennie's style and she's obviously very beautiful so photographing her was great fun - and I used my twenty-first birthday present, my 50mm 1.4 lens. It's very easy to see why everyone loves this lens! It was, however, hard to remember to photograph all of the clothes, because I got distracted taking a ton of portraits like the black and white image (third from the top). Easy to do when Zennie photographs so well, and there was barely a shot I didn't like. You can read the full interview (along with some other great content from our writers and editors) online here and read all of last year's issues (which I edited too) here.

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