Thursday 29 November 2012

This is CUB Magazine, the arts and culture monthly at my university, Queen Mary. I work as photography editor alongside my friend Eleanor, and we make up part of the editorial team who put this together every month. It's always fun putting stuff together online, but most people agree that it's a special feeling seeing something that you helped put together come off the printing press and be distributed to the public. Of course I always pick up a copy for myself, and these are what the first three look like. You can read them online here (and some of the old issues here & here). Queen Mary has a great variety of student-run stuff, in particular literature. As I design for the Literature Society, I've got to know some of the great publications run by students here - MAP Poetry (which I've just ordered all three issues of online here), QMessenger (the official campus paper), The Elephant and The Angle. Politically, it can be difficult as everyone wants to be the best, but they all produce such great content and in such original ways that I find myself picking up a copy of each of them.

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