Sunday 28 October 2012

In the last couple of weeks I've been...

o  Attending the preview of the amazing 'Hollywood Costume' exhibition at the V&A (Image 4, the entrance of the three-part exhibition)
o  Hopping around on crutches after somehow injuring my foot
o  Working non-stop on CreateVoice's event on Friday 2nd November, Creativity in the City
o  Spending inordinate amounts of time at the V&A (Image 8, beautiful stained glass)
o  Filming interviews with museum staff and artists for a short film to play on the night of the CreateVoice exhibition at the museum
o  Filming rubbish in the street for short films with CreateVoice member (and new friend) Yve and artist Suky Best (Image 6, freeze-thaw chewing gum)
o  Making silk-screen and risograph prints with Jimmy Turrell and Kate Gibb (Image 10, 'as much of life as the world can show')
o  Hating the cold weather, but admiring the sunsets (Image 1, sunset over South Kensington)
o  Watching my own breath in the air in my room whilst wearing three jumpers to bed every night
o  Shooting a fashion project for CUB magazine (Image 9, Matt and Tom)
o  Eating a lot of plain pasta with cheese
o  Enjoying having classes at different museums and getting to wander around afterwards (Image 5, raindrops in Trafalgar Square after a visit to the National Gallery)
o  Photographing the fantastic production of 'A Raisin in the Sun' put on in conjunction with QMUL ACS (Image 7, 'Ruth' in anguish)
o  Coughing up my lungs with a now three-month long cold
o  Photographing speakers talking about the problem with Western intervention in the Middle East
o  Attending 'Lighting the Cauldron', a conference about youth in museums with Arts Council England at the  Museum of London, and admiring the MoL youth panel's exhibition (Image 2, Our Londinium illustrations and a polaroid of a road near university)
o  Hanging out in South Kensington with my little brother
o  Watching a lot of Jackass
o  Planning the V&A Fashion Festival, taking place in December
o  Going to the WildPhotos conference to watch some of the winners of Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year talk about their image process and professional photographers sharing their work and conservation efforts (Image 3, photo of winning image by Luciano Candisani)

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  1. gorgeous photos, i really want to make it to the v&a hollywood exhibition when i'm back home for christmas! x