Saturday 6 October 2012

I'd never been to a Tattoo Convention, but last weekend I ventured to the Tobacco Dock to have a look at this year's London convention. My favourite tattooist, Thomas Hooper (who I've posted about before here & here) was actually tattooing at the event (last picture), and it was so amazing getting the chance to see him work and talk to him about my tattoo ideas. The whole place was like the tattoo enthuasiast's dream, and it was so inspiring walking about and seeing some of the most accomplished artists at work. I very nearly ended up coming away with a large tattoo, but I was persuaded to think on it (I still would get it!). There were also some amazing performers - the pole dancers were so incredible, their strength is unbelievable and very enviable! Alongside machine tattooing there were also some traditional stick & poke artists (second to last image) which were incredibly interesting to watch. Walking around really made me feel like tattoos are something I know I want for myself, and I'm very excited to begin - my first tattoo might be by Thomas Hooper back in the USA. Yes, I'd go to America for a tattoo. I feel that with tattoos, you get what you pay for - Thomas Hooper's designs are so beautiful and unique that it doesn't make sense for me to find a cheaper artist to do a knock-off design.


  1. love your photos :)
    you're right, it's such a big decision, better find the best one.

  2. I was almost going to go to this too & then couldn't, really gutted now, looks like there was some beautiful work on show & some amazing artists!
    I totally agree with you & think it is well worth going to the USA to get one if that's where your favourite artist is. It's going to be there forever, so it's worth the expense to get something you truly love & by someone who's work you admire. I'm still waiting on an appointment for my next one, but I'd rather wait months & have to travel a little than just go to a random local place!