Sunday 14 October 2012

Wandering around Brick Lane last Sunday with friends, we stopped to grab some food at an indoor food market (best fried salt & pepper chicken in a while!) and I stumbled across some market stalls at the back. Immediately I was drawn to Dan Hillier's stall, covered in beautiful prints of all sizes, mainly black and white, and a pile of fresh printed tote bags. These images are all from his 'Altered Engravings' series, which features combinations of all of my favourite imagery; Victorian era engravings, skulls, animals, flowers and insects. Most of his work has an element of symmetry in it, again something that greatly appeals to my organise-everything must-be-equal nature! Every tote bag he had was printed with a different design, which made it pretty horrendous to choose one. In the end I went for the second to last image, and I'm saving for the rest! It's the kind of thing that I'd love to get tattooed, so here's hoping that at some point he might do commissions of some sort...

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  1. Wow everything in those images is right up my street, especially the symmetry! I love the little face on the bird
    Kerry x