Saturday 15 September 2012

The BA Honours Fashion Jewellery collection by Maureen My Ngoc, from the London College of Fashion. I absolutely love origami, despite having no skill whatsoever at it myself! These pieces are so beautiful, with a truly innovative twist (eh, geddit?) on new techniques within jewellery. Paper jewellery is one I've always tended to stay clear of because a lot of it can seem a little too 'handmade' for my taste, but the perfect minimalism of this collection (and the immaculate construction) is so perfectly in line with my aesthetic. If only I could get away with wearing something this beautiful and - in all likelihood - impractical. Still, if she were to bring out a more ready-to-wear collection of jewellery like this, I'd be the first in line to get a piece. The photography is by Tho Vu, who I unfortunately can't seem to find at the moment apart from on Vimeo!
The video above is a collaboration with fellow graduate Upasna Prasad, who graduated in BA Honours Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear. Her beautiful mirrored illustrations work so well with the intricate details of My Ngoc's jewellery, and the clever mirroring of motion within the video itself, and the way that the structure made is able to fold and bend around itself like one of those wooden snake toys you can buy in museums. So beautiful.

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  1. This is insanely amazing. I reckon you could make it. Stick instead of fold? Or is that like totally cheating?