Monday 17 September 2012

Whilst flipping through some loose pages I found in my old Filofax (I'm desperate to get it out again, but at £9 for the pages I want, it's going to have to wait a little bit!) I found the words 'Agano Machiko' scribbled down in the midst of an old stationary list. I love my stationary, clearly. I went through all the papers, checking the things that I thought would be useful to write down a couple of years ago, and boy am I glad I checked this one out. I absolutely love these large-scale installations, a little like cobwebs but - thank goodness - not real! Initially training as a weaver, as you can probably tell from these installations, she now knits with large needles, using unconventional materials such as wire and fishing line. I have a feeling that this was supposed to be an artist research for my Foundation project, but one that never made it to being researched! In the porject I also looked to knitting to solve the problem we were given early on - limited materials, one adhesive. I chose to skip adhesive altogether and use the material itself, and started learning to knit with wire and pencils! I absolutely loved the process and using unexpected materials, and one of my many pipeline projects puts knitting back on my 'to do' list! Looking at the scale of these pieces though, I can't imagine the patience that Machiko must have to be able to knit things this massive, because knitting a piece around two metres squared drove me insane! I always seem to choose projects like these...

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